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Bushy Tail PT. 2

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Bushy Tail PT. 2

Ears pulled back
Tail to the ground
Such a naive little rabbit
Makes easy work for the hound

Bearing teeth
A smile turned snarl most foul
Lack of sleep excuses the beast
For now repressing it’s howl

Do not enter
Do not speak
It’ll bite at your face
Or smash your fucking teeth

Savouring that delicious stink of the meek
Sticky false eyelashes
And pink powdered pigs cheeks

You wear a beak to squark your gossip from
You haven’t a single bone bent down your back
You talk about us behind our backs, only highlighting
The confidence you so obviously lack

To you i’m prime game
My mother admitted she made me too strong
I learnt to pick off the sticky leeches in life
And can recognise you puckering up to latch on

Why not approach me as a human being
With conversation not revolving around you
Stop being a bitch to other women
And please stop asking “what would ‘Yonce’ do?”

I don’t care about thigh gaps
Or your designer jewellery
Your opinion on the new Marc Jacobs collection
Even less, what you think about me

I don’t need to hear about your diet
Or how fat you fucking feel
I don’t want to go for a 2-4-1 colonic irrigation
I don’t care about your last 20 skin peels

I could live without the running commentary
of the hardships of drying your hair
Your locks are as limp as my longitude
Slipping deeper into a distant stare
As you blather on totally socially unaware

I don’t care about you or your duty free mascara
Or your French Connection pleather dress
The booze cruise you and ‘the gals’ took in Bali
Your fake tan impresses me less.
Clenched jaw, I can’t stay in hostel with her anymore.


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