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Concrete poured over the grasses
Numbers etched onto ‘streets’
Disrespect the trees breath
Turn the air to turn them weak
Man dug up all the fossil fuels
until the earth ran out of gas
the choice of sustainable energies
would have saved man’s greedy arse
Instead, each leaf was destroyed
On each tree surgery used to collect
Never returned to the earth
Private Healthcare - a rich necessity
in the restoration of men’s health
God gave us everything
In fact, we had it all
But born was the greedy accumulation
of everything to which we gained nothing
The reason behind man’s downfall
Man created this greed
to fulfill the needs
of unworthy elitist sleazebag arseholes

Give us back our power

This is not mine
Killing the earth and acre at a time
stabbing landfills, bled out mines
stealing land for their own (white) kind
enslaving those who were different
putting chains around animals necks
tortured the bears into dancing steps
the orca’s were next
knitted nets to rape the ocean beds
sharpening knives to skin pigs
testing tortured labrats for the powder on their eyelids
made donkeys lap the beaches
taught elephants to wash their backs
pigeons to carry their message
crocodiles turned into bags
They banked upon nature
re-wrote God’s words into their own
built walls and drew borders
colour determines societal placement
dividing each to his own
Man never learnt his lesson
Man never made a change
Instead he built a system
In which only 1% gained
The route of all evil
the perfect fit of a suit
tuning out the voice of a nation
Now our generations mute?
I have not been born into this
this was not my choice
I have two legs to stand on
but yet to have a voice
will you say it with me?
Together we’ll be twice as loud
wear a positive message on the back of your t-shirt
and make ur mother, Nature proud

So will you say it with me?
our sanctioned words said as one voice
This is supposed to be a democracy Goddamnit
Where was my choice?


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