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It’s all bravado
The endless avocados
The stone fruit for all the stoned fruits
lined up for trams along Sydney road
Oh i’m tired of the trends
Doctor Martin diagnosed the bends
for those who surface and float
on rivers of chilli infused olive oil soaking Meredith goats
On the 96 we go
from the end of the street to the beach
96 pairs of Levi’s and Raybans
ride on tracks lined with sour dough loaves
I’m trying not to loathe the city
as it eats, chews and picks me from its teeth
Enforcing all I know as I plan to leave
Embracing the present nostalgia of the landscape
as I plan my escape
Into the wildnerness much better suited to me
It’s all too cool
Gen Z’s foolish desires
designed and derived from iPhone screens
tablets swallowed by eyes
raped suprised by the sunset
just look up
It’s all been provided
I’m tired and too old
to find the city’s hidden gold
Cooked out and cooled down
At least my 60’s bangs hide my foreheads furrowed frown.


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